Perfectionism and Data’s adventures in retrieving

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Black Headed Caique / Data / Parrot Enrichment / Parrot Trick Training

I have a confession to make. I am a perfectionist. I have never kept up with writing in the past because it took me forever to get a “perfect” outcome.  First, I would spend hours writing something that seemed smart, funny, and interesting. Then, I would have a copy editor proof it. Don’t even get me started on how long it took me to edit videos, pictures, etc. The outcome? I never posted anything online that was more than a sentence or two.

That was 2016 me. 2017 me is letting go!!! I’m writing from the heart, showing my training sessions with warts and all, and just being kinder to myself in general. And, cue gasp, I am not using a copy editor. For me, that’s like jumping-out-of-a-plane-scary and I am terrified of heights. If you’re reading this horrified by my use commas, I’ll admit to using them like a seasoning when cooking. I just sprinkle some on towards the end and hope for the best. Please accept my sincerest apologies for my blatant abuse of the comma.

Okay, back to birds. Here’s my retrieve training session with the adorable Jazzy today. As you will see, he started out very unfocused. Normally I would edit that all out and only show our perfect, finished product. But that’s not a realistic picture of how training sessions go. I’m going to take what I learned today and come up with a plan to get better engagement from Jazz the next time we train. Stay tuned to learn how…

Special thanks to my dear friend Nancy who inspired me to post training videos even when they are not “perfect.”

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