Data’s new tricks

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Black Headed Caique / Data / Parrot Trick Training

I’ve been working with the boys quite a bit lately but something always seems to go wrong with my video. Luckily, things have been going much better with the Caiques than with my technical skills. Jazzy in particular has made great strides. His focus has improved leaps and bounds. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been working on:

Stepping into a backpack carrier

Jazzy is scared of the carrier so I’m using my arm as a bridge and rewarding him for taking small steps towards it on his own. It’s really important that he calls the shots and gets to go at his own pace. I also have Avicakes in the cup holder inside so when he does venture in he finds some yummies right away.

Birdie basketball

What I love about this skill is that it helps Jazz with two of his biggest challenges: moving away from me/rewards and focusing on something other than me/rewards. We are really making progress!

Pushing a shopping cart

This one looks easy but in the beginning Jazzy wanted nothing to do with the shopping cart. Next step is to work on getting him to push it farther and for longer periods of time.


Happy training!

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